• Green Temple
Common name: Temple plant, Giant hygro

Plant form: Stem
Sold as: Bunch
Placement: Background
Max size: Height 24 inches (60cm)
Planting: Plant stems in substrate. Separate each stem so that light can reach the bottom leaves.
Flowers: Yes, if emersed
Propagation: Cut stems a few inches from the top and plant cuttings in substrate.
Growth rate: Moderate
True aquatic: Amphibious

pH: 7.5 or lower
Supplements: Benefits from balanced fertilizers and CO2
Lighting: Any
Recommended tank size: Any

Care level: Easy
Recommended for beginners: Yes

Temple plants unique characteristic is their bright green, pointed leaves. With proper trimming, a dense bushy look can be achieved; or if untrimmed, the plant will grow much taller, dropping its lower shaded leaves. It grows in a variety of lighting conditions but will grow more quickly with increased lighting. Root tabs will also help to increase the growth rate.

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Green Temple

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