• Red Ludwigia

Red Ludwigia, Broad Leaf Ludwigia
Scientific name: Ludwigia repens
Origin: North and Central America
Light level: Medium
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
Temperature: 65° – 85° F (18° – 30° C)
Tank Placement: background
Care level: Intermediate

Ludwigia repens is a very common stem plant that is used to add a bit of red color to an aquascape in low-tech aquariums.

It is a stem plant that can grow to 20+ inches in height. Red ludwigia can also grow emersed and will grow above the aquarium water if given the chance in small aquariums.

Overall, red ludwigia (Ludwigia repens) is a very versatile stem plant that is a great fit for most aquariums.

The biggest requirement for Ludwigia repens is decent light.  This plant will not grow in low light.  It needs at least two watts per gallon to do well.  Higher wattage will encourage rapid growth and a much more intense coloration. 

 This plant can also be uprooted easily, so make sure any fish you keep with it are not avid diggers.

Propagation of red ludwigia is actually very easy.  Simply cut the stem of the plant and replant it in the substrate to create a new plant.  The trimming will soon grow roots and take off if conditions are right.

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Red Ludwigia

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