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The Java fern (Microsorum pteropus) is an aquatic fern native to South East Asia. There are many different varieties of this fern, and the size of the plant and leaf shape will vary greatly from variety to variety. The four most commonly available are the narrow leaf, the needle leaf, the Windelov and lance leaf. Java Fern is a beautiful addition to the freshwater, planted aquarium. Growing around 8 inches tall, with creeping, green rhizomes, Java Ferns are well suited for not only planted aquariums, but also those that contain cichlids and other large South American fish.

Quick Stats:

Minimum Tank Size: 10 Gallons
 Care Level: Easy
Water Conditions: 6-8 ph and Soft to Moderately Hard
Temperature: 22–27 °C (72–82 °F)
Maximum Size: 13 ½ inches (35 cm)


Java ferns are an incredibly easy plant to grow, and to fail with this plant you almost have to actively be trying to kill it. Unlike many other plants, it doesn’t need a specialized substrate, and it will also do well without the addition of carbon dioxide.

It can be planted nearly anywhere in the aquarium and can be placed on driftwood, rocks or directly onto the gravel (but make sure not to bury it in the substrate). When placing it on driftwood or rocks, it needs to be attached until the roots have fastened to the surface.


One of the great things about Java fern is that very few fish seem to bother with it – even fish that are constantly on the prowl for a tasty aquatic plant salad. While it probably still won’t survive for long in a goldfish tank, it does do quite well with larger cichlids and many herbivore fish.

There are several reasons given for its relative hardiness around fish that normally devastate plants. Some sources claim that it has a bitter taste, but more reputable sources seem to believe that the tough structure of the leaves make them unattractive to fish.

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Java Fern

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