• Najas Grass (Guppy Grass)

Najas Grass is a very undemanding plant. You can just let this plant float in your tank and it will overtake your tank in matter of weeks. Plant in the background to create a wall of foliage. Najas grass efficiently pulls nitrate from the water column, so it can be used in heavily stocked tanks to keep nitrate levels lower. When allowed to grow densely, najas grass is a great place for fry to hide and stay safe from other predatory fish.

Guppy Grass is a renowned plant to use when breeding fish or shrimp.  It grows quickly and easily and gives fry and baby shrimp great places to hide.  Guppy grass is very undemanding and easy to take care of.  The branches are easy to break and then use to create another plant.  This plant can be either planted in the substrate or left to float.  If left to float, roots will start to sprout and move towards the substrate.

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Najas Grass (Guppy Grass)

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