Caring for GloFish

Are GloFish freshwater fish or saltwater fish? Like their non-fluorescent counterparts, GloFish are freshwater fish. They should not be placed in a saltwater environment.

Where can I find detailed information about GloFish? GloFish should be cared for in the same way as their non-fluorescent counterparts. In general, guidelines for maintaining a happy and healthy GloFish can be found on our GloFish Care page. A great resource for detailed care information about zebrafish in particular is The Zebrafish Book.

Who can I talk with regarding specific questions about my GloFish? If you have specific questions about your particular fish that are not answered in either of the websites noted above (including concerns about odd behavior or possible illness), our best suggestion is to contact either your local fish store or a local veterinarian who works with fish, since both are great resources for fish-specific questions. If you have additional questions, please visit our Contact Page.

Is my GloFish pregnant? Like their non-fluorescent counterparts, all females will carry unfertilized eggs upon reaching maturity, resulting in a “pregnant” look.

Is there a recommended tank size and/or stocking density for GloFish? GloFish® fluorescent fish are schooling fish. Because of this, they are able to thrive in relatively high densities compared to many other fish. Recommended stocking densities vary depending upon the literature source, tank configuration, filtration system, and other factors, so making a specific recommendation is difficult. We recommend consulting with the experts at your local fish store before starting a new aquarium or adding to an existing community.

What types of fish are GloFish compatible with? Like their non-fluorescent counterparts, our fish are community fish and will “play well” with other fish. However, not all fish are this way, so we generally advise that people check with their local retailer for specific information on whether their existing fish can peacefully co-exist with GloFish. Alternatively, for a partial, but still significant, listing of other community fish, please visit One point in particular to note is that our GloFish® Barbs can potentially become aggressive if they are not kept in groups of five or more. This is not necessary with our GloFish® Danios or GloFish® Tetras; while they prefer to be in groups of five or more, they will not become aggressive in smaller numbers.

What should I do if my fish is behaving in an unusual or aggressive manner? Like any other animal, fish are individuals with their own unique “personalities.” While their actions may sometimes seem strange to us, there is a relatively wide variety of behaviors that fish can normally display. However, if you have any doubts as to whether your fish’s behavior is normal, we would recommend contacting either your local fish store or a local veterinarian who works with fish. Both are fantastic resources for fish-specific questions or concerns.

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