• Pennywort

Quick Stats:

Care Level: Easy
Water Conditions: Soft to Moderately Hard
Lighting Requirements: Low
Temperature: 68 to 82 F (20-28 C)
Maximum Size: 24 Inches (60cm)

The Brazilian pennywort, also known as Brazilian water ivy, or simply as pennywort, is an easy to grow, beginner plants for aquariums. It is native to much of South America and Central America, and can be found all the way from Argentina in the south, to Mexico in the north.

Brazilian pennywort will grow to a maximum height of 24 inches (60 cm) in a home aquarium, and it will grow to about 6 inches (15 cm) in width. If it reaches the surface of the water, it will produce small white flowers.

Brazilian pennywort is a very easy to care for plant, that will thrive in most water types and in low light conditions. When provided with proper lighting and nutrients, it can grow several inches in a single week.

Propagating Brazilian Pennywort is extremely simple, and can be done through cutting or pinching off cuttings that includes healthy leaves. The new cutting can then be planted in the substrate, and if sufficient lighting and nutrients are provided, it should take root within a few days.

The Brazilian pennywort is compatible with most species of fish, though large digging fish such as cichlids should be avoided. Also, goldfish will quickly destroy this plant even if it is left floating.

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