• Water Spangles

Common Names: Salvinia, Common salvinia, water spangles
Latin Name: Salvinia minima
Plant Form: Floating Fern
Sold as: Single/Bunch
Placement: Water surface
Max Size: Leaf 0.4-2 cm (0.15-0.8 inches)
Planting: Floating
Flowers: White flowers
Propagation: Division
Growth Rate: Fast

True Aquatic: Yes

pH: Any
Supplements: macro/micro ferts
Lighting: Low to High
Recommended Tank Size: Any

Care Level: Easy
Good for Beginners: Yes

Salvinia easily multiplies in the home aquarium so long as there is minimal water surface disturbance. This floating plant is not recommended for a tank with a strong downward current, such as with a HOB filter return, as it will draw the tiny plants into the water column where they can become trapped and will rot fully submersed. Great at removing nitrogen waste too.

Can also be found in outdoor ponds.

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Water Spangles

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