We're not just any fish store...

We are THE freshwater aquarium specialists. We sell only the products that we use in caring for our own fish. Our selection of freshwater plants and animals have all been chosen to balance each other, and our complete aquarium setups come with everything you need including animals. We can even install, and maintain your tank for you, as we have support services for our customers! We love to answer questions, and get to know our customers, so we can make specific, individual recommendations. Please feel free to email us, call us, text us, or message us on any social media. We are always happy to help!

Welcome to Home Aquatics, THE place for everyone that loves freshwater aquariums and freshwater fish keeping.  

10% of all sales in our eBay store get donated directly to various charities! 

Our retail location in Holly Hill, Florida features a gallery of some of our finest products in setups. It is not a store, but rather an experience. An expert will be there to answer your questions and educate you about our plants and animals, as well as the equipment, and supplies we use in their care. We can also provide you with ongoing support for your setup, and regular deliveries of supplies that you need. In order to facilitate the best experience, we ask that you please schedule your visit to our facility if possible. We also feature breeding partners and vendors all over the country. If you are interested in selling your fish or products through Home Aquatics, please contact us - info@homeaquatics.net 

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